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We are having more than 100 students in each course but for granting the best to all of them we divide the students into super batches so that all of them can grab integer knowledge and concentrate on each and every student. Our success ratio for the clearance of examination is more than 80% as we have Rajasthan’s largest adapted faculty panel. In our Institute, we provide special scholarships to the students who have actually performed outstanding way out and also concentrate on those who are unable to afford fees, by providing them a heavy discount. We as a team assure you that you will surely get the best result and outcome for your ward & they may achieve the given target. RPSC ADDA nurtured them with the care and concern of a doctor working in an intensive care unit.

Best Coaching Centre in udaipur, Rajasthn

We invite all the students to build up their bright future in RPSC ADDA, Udaipur for having different types of competitive exam held in Rajasthan. Creativity is essential in higher education that gets new businesses started and execution of these ideas will sustain for a longer period of time in the future. We continuously accentuate strengthening our base and inspiring diversity in our standpoint.


Why RPSC ADDA only?

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  • RPSC ADDA grants the best virtual live classes.
  • We are a team of Rajasthan’s dynamic faculty panel of experienced and expertise professionals.
  • We have a delighted bundle of competitive courses in our App.
  • We organize doubt sessions and special class for the students who can sort out their trending queries.
  • Building an efficient educational institute infrastructure is a worthy goal and elusive one.
  • It is legally assembled and well accouter Institution.
  • We accomplish all the desire of the aspirants and present you a divergent studying environment.

Our Infrastructure



RPSC ADDA has the finest campus in Udaipur, Rajasthan. We have a peaceful learning environment and learning decorum. We have a well embellish, super astounding interior where you will feel congenial. Our Institute is not situated in any business or Constructive area. We also have tertiary education and full independent status due to which students enhance their learning skills and capacity. We also fulfill the needs & expectation of all the students, due to this Pandemic situation of COVID-19 we also do care about your health so dispense the best sanitization facilities.


Keeping aside everything study room is a place where both student and teacher equally learn. We take care of all the students by providing them ably fit out and well-organized classroom. Layout, design and decor of our classroom has a significant effect on the quality of the proficient education. Projectors and 360 virtual dimension display provide you full consolation. Colors are the biggest asset to any classroom where a student is able to study well.


Digital Studio

Experience the style of professional teaching which will enhance your smartness ability while interacting students with all multi-cores with latest equipment’s.

And it consists of an amazing digital studio which provides both technologies equipped space and technological support to all the online students. A studio is a place where we conduct all our virtual classes. The audio effect is equisetic and Dolby digital sound which enhance the quality of HD proofing output with high resolution video output 1080 aspect ratio. We developed electronic portfolio for all the classes. On a virtual platform we have best technological digital panel.

Mobile App

RPSC ADDA has conducted live classes on the given and suitable timings with due care of each student we also provide recordings of all those live classes. Our class provides colorful PDF & hardcopy of notes. We supervise weekly test series and monthly Mega quiz sessions. We also manage doubt sessions for students to ask their queries and to satisfy their needs.

Online Course Features



Video Lectures

Our video lectures provide you the best quality vision (1080 or 1920) and equisetic audio sound. Video lectures are prepared keeping in mind the content of the course and secondly it has to be understandable.


Live Video

Live video provides you a feature of doing live chat with the teacher simultaneously. You can ask your doubt immediately and you will get the response within a second.


Model Test Papers

Institute conducts weekly test series which consists of the topic covered in that particular week taught by subject expertise. Model Test Papers helps to check student’s performance and their learning capability.


PDF Notes

We provide all the PDF notes of our classes which are colorfully designed and have a cheerful content. Our PDF contains a variety of portion like systematic notes, charts, images, short tricks, how to get success in your exam, etc.

The Best Tutors in Town

RPSC ADDA is a bunch of experienced and dynamic faculty team having expertise in the field of professionals. The multidirectional efforts made by our faculty helps to create optimum benefits to the environment where students can achieve outstanding performance in their goals and examination to get the best outcome.

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